Welcome to the New Era

Welcome to the New Era

Technology and Tradition in Tandem.

Late last year we got together with our web designer and discussed our digital presence. Where we were at the time and what direction we thought we should go. As our clients would already know, Al’s Blinds has always offered a reliable, well-priced range of products when it comes to shutters, blinds and awnings here on the Sunshine Coast. We have always supported our range of quality products with a tradition of solid personal service. All of this needs to remain but we need to move with the times. As more than 80% of the population in the area we service relies heavily on digital media to search for products and services that they require it was decided that our website needed to match the great product range and top service Al’s Blinds already has.

As a result of that discussion and over the holiday season, our tech people have been hammering away building us a whole new website to replace the old black and green site that was, well basic and a bit on the boring side of things to say the least. Yeah, sure it showed our phone number and gave you a way of contacting us but not much else.

New Digital Beginnings

So here it is! Our new “state of the art” latest technology-driven custom designed website. You still arrive at it the same way as the old one but now you are met with an interactive, fully responsive, fast loading, high performing informative site that offers so much more than before.

Easy to navigate with multiple contact points and quote request forms placed in locations readily available to the visitor. Information on the full range of products we have available with attractive imagery displaying them and detailed descriptions to go with them. Access our regular blogs in the “Latest News” archives or you can catch up with them through several blog excerpt links located throughout the site. Contact information at both the top and bottom of every page and when visiting the site on mobile devices these details become clickable links to interact with your device’s functionality to easily get in contact with us be it by message, phone or email.

Access to the genuine Client Reviews is located on the “Client Review” page and also on other pages as you surf around our new website. These reviews are dynamic and are directly linked to both Google and Facebook and automatically display the latest reviews. Our product photographs now display in “popup lightboxes” which means all you need to do is click on them and they will display a much larger hi-res image for you to view.

Continued Traditional Service

History shows that some in our industry create sites like ours to create methods where they do not need to have personal interaction with people for enquiries and support. This is apparently supposed to “free up time” for them to concentrate on so-called “more important aspects” of their business. As Al’s Blinds history with our previous valued clients shows personal interaction with people, both current clients and the general public is at the core of our business and our new site was built to enhance this communication not to sidestep it.

Regular Product Releases and Information Updates

As we move forward into the future, Alan will be helping to inform the visitors to our website and social media about new products as they become available and other helpful hints and pieces of information that residents and businesses here on the Sunshine Coast will find helpful and hopefully interesting as well.

Please visit our site and social media often to keep in touch and if you require anything in the way of Shutters, Blinds, Awnings or Privacy Screens and you are on the Sunshine Coast get in touch with the number one in personal service – us here at Al’s Blinds.

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