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New Shutter Repair Service on the Sunshine Coast

New Shutter Repair Service on the Sunshine Coast

New Shutter Repair Service on the Sunshine Coast

Shutter Repairs not usually possible in the distant past but they sure are now.

Originally mainly constructed from timber frames with timber slats, shutters were sometimes adjustable and sometimes not. Shutter repairs services were pretty much on a D.I.Y. basis.

They were used mainly externally as a method of protection against the elements. Used rarely and sometimes not much more than decoration.

Old style hardwood shutter for protection image


Step forward into the 21st century and you find that shutters have had a rebirth of types with both their uses and construction varying greatly on the history gone by.

Now used for many other purposes than just weather protection in times of storms, today’s shutters are used both inside and out. They are constructed of many more types of materials and are used for decoration, privacy, UV protection sometimes even as room dividers and partitions. Now definitely worthy of a shutter repair service when problems occur.

Vueline Aluminium Shutters

With the growth in uses and styles has come a larger investment in their supply and installation as well as a desire to have them function longer and be a more intricate part of the family home.

Shutter Repair before replacement

All of this means that the amount spent in both time and dollars has increased and therefore when they are broken or damaged, sometimes due to accidents or unintentional misuse, the outlay needed to replace them can be somewhat limiting making people suffer with them longer than one would like to.

In many cases, this is not necessary as many faults suffered by your shutters can be repaired. In the past, however, finding a reliable local company that will come to your home and repair them at a reasonable price has been a barrier to repair.

A diagram showing the shutter repair components

Not anymore if you are on the Sunshine Coast. Alan from Al’s Blinds has been supplying and installing shutters of all types in all different circumstances for decades.  This has given Alan both the knowledge and skills required to repair your shutters. This can result in small issues being resolved for a fraction of the price of replacement shutters.

How to get your Shutters Repaired on the Sunshine Coast.

Just give Alan at Al’s blinds a phone call on 0403 163 037  to discuss our shutter repair service or send us a message through our Contact Page.

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