Easy Lift Roller Blinds

Easy Lift Roller Blinds

Easy lift Roller Blinds

Are your roller blinds heavy to lift?

New gear reduction system is the solution.

Al’s Blinds is excited to introduce our gear reduction system for Easy lift Roller Blinds.

Easy to operate, Easy lift Roller Blinds are the ultimate functional blind with more than 200 fabric selections in our range, from modern to a classic mix of prints, plus a wide variety of solids, whites and neutral shades.

The blinds fit within the frame of the window which keeps them in place when the window is open or closed. They’re easy to lift blinds and just as easy to lower as well. They can be positioned at just the right level to allow the perfect amount of daylight in.

Easy lift Roller Blinds Gear reduction features:

  • With the gear ration 1:1.5 inside the clutch, it will reduce 50% of the force needed to pull the roller blind upward.
  • Available in 5 colours for all mechanisms, covers and brackets.
  • 38mm and 50mm projection brackets
  • Slimline bracket with plastic covers
  • Link DEP and IND system
  • Double Link DEP and IND system
  • types of tubes from 38mm, 45mm and 49mm
  • Less weight of roller as no need additional spring booster for bigger sizes

Gear Reduction roller is as standard for over 6m2

Linked System

Allows you to situate two or three blinds in close proximity, linking them so that they can be raised or lowered together using one chain drive. Linked roller blinds reduce light gaps to approximately 15-20mm. Ideal for large windows.

Dual Roller

Allows you to combine the functionality of two different fabrics in the one roller blind, offering flexibility to adjust both light levels and night-time privacy.


Motorised roller blinds combine the flexibility and convenience of automation for enhanced internal comfort and control. The motorised blinds incorporate the “NICE” NS 11000 ME motor, 137 W. Enabling silent movement of the blind with a highly durable motor.

Easy lift Roller Blinds Style Choices


Roller blind fabrics are designed specifically for strong sun and damaging ultra violet light, making them extremely hardy and long lasting. Our fabric collection incorporates a vast array of sheer, translucent and blockout fabrics in both plain and textured finishes.

Wire Guide

Wire guide systems on roller blinds provide a straight drop fabric external blind with stainless steel guide wires and components. The stainless steel base rail travels down along the wire guides allowing the fabric to be stopped at any position without it flapping loosely in the breeze.


Complete the look of your roller blind with a selection of attractive trims, including scallop, fringe or braid choose from cut-out or ring pull downs.


A pelmet teamed through roller blind can be an attractive and practical solution for a small problem window where curtains are unsuitable and a blind alone may seem insufficient. Adding the pelmet has the effect of creating a smarter more formal finish to the blinds.

Queensland Government Regulations for Blinds

Find out more… Queensland Government

Multiple Types of Window Coverings

If Easy lift Roller Blinds are what you need maybe our range of polyshield shutters would suit your needs better? Here is an article we published a little while ago with more information about them.

Australian made Polyshield Shutters new to Al’s Blinds

More Blinds of All Types Available at Al’s Blinds

To see our range and find out what we have on offer visit our Blinds page HERE.

Here is an article explaining some of the benefits of Vertical Blinds on the Sunshine Coast.

Vertical Blinds Sunshine Coast

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